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Just Me



Welcome to "Tidbits from a Broad." My name is Kim and I am the broad.

I hope that you will enjoy my blog and that you will share "Tidbits" of your life! I would love to hear about your trials and tribulations of being a parent and/or working woman. Please share your hopes, your dreams, your sorrows, and most of all....your happiness!

I design private aircraft but my hobbies are cooking, photography, and scrapbooking. I love reading and I also enjoy the thrill of trying to make little video clips! Let me know if any of you share the same hobbies.

Our family has a history of heart disease and more recently breast cancer...so feel free to share those subjects as well. We lost our sweet Father to heart disease December 29, 2006 and my youngest sister is a 8 year breast cancer survivor...I recently had a prophylactic mastectomy to prevent breast cancer. I travel to unusual places and have tons of stories about the unusual people I've met...

Join me and share the journey! You can also find me as a Co-Admin. of the Facebook site called, Prophylactic Mastectomy and the Co-Founder of the My Destiny Foundation!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day!



More about Me


Everyone who knows me well... knows I like to entertain during any and every family event or holiday. I love my family and want to spend every minute that I can with them. After all... blood will always be thicker than water!

God has blessed Ralph and I with children. Although we do not have children together... we share our love for his son, Kevin and daughters, Neldalourene and Mary. We also share my daughter, Whitney. Through them... we now have wonderful son-in-laws and two precious little granddaughters! Jason Fox is married to our Neldalourene. Through them we have precious Stella Jane and Eden. Clay Simpson married to our Mary Elizabeth in September (2010) and Wesley Hunt married our Whitney Elyse in November of 2010. We are so very fortunate and happy with their decisions. Of course..our two precious granddaughters are the smartest and most beautiful children in the world!

God has blessed us with two beautiful homes; one in Colleyville, TX and one in Rogers, AR on Beaver Lake. From time to time you will hear us mention them...lately it seems due to some kind of freak natural disaster!

We've worked together, side by side in the private/corporate aviation consulting and design business for over twenty years. This has been a joy and one that has filled our lives with many happy, stressful and VERY interesting memories! We've traveled all over the world and met the "best and brightest" entrepreneurs all over the world. Many of these wonderful people have become life-long friends.

My hobbies are scrapbooking, genealogy, photography and photo manipulation with various software, cooking, gardening and relaxing in various ways at our lake home in AR. Hiking, swimming, boating, canoeing, fishing, & gardening are just a few of the things I enjoy doing there. It's simply breathtakingly beautiful! Be sure to come up and see us some time. The doors always open!

A few of my videos!

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