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Our family has a history of heart disease and more recently breast cancer...so feel free to share those subjects as well. We lost our sweet Father to heart disease December 29, 2006 and my youngest sister is a 8 year breast cancer survivor...I recently had a prophylactic mastectomy to prevent breast cancer. I travel to unusual places and have tons of stories about the unusual people I've met...

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Friday, May 06, 2011

Ever have one of those weeks? : (

Oh my goodness... Ever have one of those weeks where EVERYTHING goes wrong? Well...this was one of those for me : ( and it's not even over yet : (

Started out by having to get up at 5 AM on Tuesday. Dress and leave the house by 6 only to find that my "race" to the Tulsa International Airport (2 1/2 hr. drive) was to come to a screeching halt the minute I hit the FOG!!!! Made it there in the "nick of time". Ralph picks me up and we head straight to the BBJ3 we are working on at Gore Completion Center in San Antonio. Problem with one of the major fabrics, problem with the ceiling layout in the fwd. area, problem with bulkhead molding. Boom, Boom, Boom... look at this, what about that?, this is URGENT, this is rejected... Think Kim.... All I can think about is that I got very little sleep and had to get up at 5 AM!!!!! Ugh......

Next morning, fly back to Dallas. Head straight to the Decorative Center to try and find a replacement fabric for the problem one... 100 plus yards of silk needs to be replaced. Can you say $$$$$$ OMG : (  Vance and I found about 30 options... we narrowed down to 10 and of those only two were available in the yardage we need : (  As for our back-up plan... we hoped to have a different dyelot of the same problem fabric air shipped in just in time for me to inspect it prior to catching another flight out the same afternoon. Did it make it in time? Technically...yes. Was I able to inspect it? NOOOOO the vendor will not allow ANYONE into their production area!!!!!! They want me to approve another 11k worth of silk without seeing it! I could drive over to see it in their front conference area, 5 yds at a time BUT..the owner could not be there. He had his little girls soccer game to attend : ( Did I get to see it before getting on the flight? No. Do I have to race back to Dallas on Monday now instead of having a few days to relax? YES : (

Oh.. if only I were through... I get up at 6:30 to go to the local spring craft festival this morning. Get ready to call Yvonne, my girlfriend, to tell her that I am ready to go and what is this? Where is my cell phone? Oh..it must be in the car. Fast forward.... frantic search, frantic search... CRAP! Did I leave it at home? Think, Think, Think.... I have NO idea. Did I leave it at the first craft place? Did I sit it down while I was looking at something? Oh well.... just par for the last few days of my life.... Great : (

No.....Wait for it... I'm not done.... Yvonne and I are almost home and we hear a cell phone ring!!! It's mine and it's somewhere under the seat!!! I finally make it home, get the phone out and have it in my hand for two minutes when I discovered that some of my "yard art" was leaning over. Hmmm... I thought. That is in a chigger infested area. I better tiptoe in there and jump back out. Just as I was backing out, my cell phone rang. I was trying to jump backwards and answer the phone at the same time (I used to be able to do that : )  when all of a sudden... my right ankle buckled under and down I go. I am headed straight down, head first...straight for my new reconstructed breasts..pain, pain, pain.... this is gonna HURT!!!! : {  Brace for it. Oh Nooooooo, phone in hand...CRASH, BANG, BOOM!!!! I can still hear Eric talking on the phone. I grabbed it only to find that the glass on my iPhone was TOTALLY broken in a thousand pieces. Great.... Just GREAT  : (  It still works but let's face it... it's hosed. Now..insurance, repair... loss of time and money.

Can you say time to have a nice cup of hot tea and a nice hot bath?


Anonymous said...

My only thought on your absolutely horrible week . . . you want tea??? I think I would definitely want something a little stronger!! Love you girlfriend!! Kally

Constance G said...

I don't love what's happened to ya, just love that (&how!) you write abt them!! Thanx for sharing!
Constance G (friend of Ila M!)

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